Sunday, March 13, 2016

Maternity Leave Project: Pom-pom Bubble Skirt

It's been more than a year *palm on face* since the last time I touch my sewing machine. Life has been very busy in another direction and I was quite over-committed in it that I forgot some me-time with my crafting passion.

Ok. Short story, during my 2nd child maternity leave, I decided to start creating again. And what is quicker than sewing a skirt?

Or so I thought. Of course I would not have it to sew just a normal skirt. Me? No.
#iknowicanbetoosnob. Lol.

Sooooo..what skirt is simple but ultra cute?
Tutu, right.
You don't even have to use a sewing machine for Tutu project. But I love sewing and the point is, I must. start. sewing. again.

Since there must be some simple sewing involved, a bubble skirt is best. Double it with fun insertions for extra cuteness. What's more fun than pom-poms??

And there I was on a rainy Friday afternoon, right after babies are tucked for their afternoon nap. Got myself picked pink tulle for easiest option to combine with Leia's ballet outfit.

Was a simple project which took me 2 hours to complete! The most frustrating part was constructing the skirt waist. I forgot how Tulle can be challenging sometimes. But overall, I think at least Leia loves her new skirt. And it's a start for another sewing project before maternity leave is over, I hope.. I need to at least sew something for baby Luke.

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