Monday, March 28, 2016

Maternity leave project: Doctor's Bag

Earlier last month, a crafter from Craftalova Fabric Club, Elisabeth Natasia, posted an offer for another bag tutorial. This time the design caught me. It's a simple doctor's bag. This is something that I actually would like to carry around in everyday life. So without hesitation I registered for the online class. 
My first doctor's bag. 
Before, I had almost zero confidence working with leather or even leather-like fabrics. But a big girl has got to overcome her own fears, right? So besides enrolling myself to the class, I also ordered the kit from Mba Eli, the tutor, to ensure that I would execute the tutorial without having excuses such as "no idea where all my sewing materials are". Lol. Kits are very helpful for those who has a procrastinator side *cough* *me*. The only thing I did not prefer from my kit was the outer fabric which was a tad bit too "flowery" and thin for my taste. I guess my boyish side is pretty dominant. So I raked through my old stash and found this modern-looking IKEA fabric, which still coordinate perfectly with the lining fabric from the kit.

Anyways, the online tutoring started mid-month, and I was still busy with Leia and the 2 months old Luke, so I went through that whole "no time to sew" phase again for about a week.

Then last Thursday, when both babies were tucked in, I sneaked out of the room and started to make the pattern. I thought it will take just about 15 minutes and I can continue whenever there's more time.

What was planned to be just a pattern making session went all the way to cutting fabrics, pressing linings, and attaching leather handles. Yes, the kids were slumbering so tight that mummy had more time than she expected :)

It sure felt good to sew your own label on ;)

The next morning I was able to continue sewing the bag until finally finished. One thing I did miss out before joining the inner and outer fabrics together was to attach an inner pocket. It's not in the tutorial (probably for practicality issue), but if I'm ever gonna use this bag, I would want myself to have a useful pocket built inside my bag.

So I tried my best to create a simple pocket inside the bag. Not perfect but it's something.

Was not easy to sew a structured bag for your first time sewing after a while. But I am quite satisfied with the result.

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