Thursday, October 24, 2013

It's Halloween Time!

The first halloween since I've been sewing. What is best in having an auntie who likes to sew? Ask my niece Kyra and her answer will be : Having her own custom-made Halloween Costume!

Oh well, she might not directly say that, but at least her mom would. Lol.

Last year my 2 years old niece dressed as a Pink Fairy to her school. Guess what? Almost EVERY girl at the school dressed up as fairies or princess, thanks to the widely available tutu skirts and crowns and cheap party wings for little girls. Plus, which mother doesn't want her daughter to be dressed in tutu and crowns and wings, right??

But this year Kyra's halloween is going to be a little special. 

Mommy and auntie (that's me, by the way) are preparing something different that none of the girls at school will wear to the party.

So the good and beautiful auntie (that's me) browsed through the entire sewing tale world and decided to dress Kyra as the Little Red Riding Hood....

We found this magical tutorial by Ashley from Make It Love It.

There are tons of versions, but auntie likes this Red Riding Hood version the best! 

The details, frills and flairs won. Little Kyra, err.....Little Red will still be having skirt as flouncy as a princess and wings.....well, hood and cape in this case, as red as a queen but without having to worry that someone at school might steal her look. Thank you so much for the inspiring tutorial, Ashley!

After some days of work and magic...


No pic of Kyra wearing it yet, but I will upload it later after Halloween! 

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