Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bouquet Baby Dress

Do you mind me posting on another Baby Dress? lol.


That's what I thought.

Babies are too cute, so I assume there's an unrestricted permission to make loads and loads and loads of baby stuff without having to worry about getting people bored :)

Ok, so I intend to share with you one of my early sewing projects. I fell in love with this cyan-colored rose bouquet printed cotton fabric from the very start, I just knew exactly what I wanted to make with it. What I did was to go ahead and laying down a piece of clothing from Leia's 18 months wardrobe (she was just 7months old, so there was suppose to be plenty of room for growth) and tracing it using a tailor's chalk to create my own pattern. I kept on telling myself that this instant method would work just fine. I thought I did ok with my first batik baby dress project, so this time I would definitely nail it.

Did I succeed? Heck yeah. The dress came out nicely, using the zipper technique I just learned and I must say I've done a pretty neat job with it. Then I try it on Leia.

Darn thing is, I forgot to include enough seam allowance when cutting the fabric. So the supposedly-slightly-larger-than-actual-size turned out to be too small for Leia. She could pull it off, sure, but not without having her armpits squeezed while moving around. And the skirt was too short I can see a full diaper right away.

Soooo I was having a slight heartbreak.....until I chatted with my cousin Rissa and found out that her dad is in Jakarta and would have a trip back to US soon. Meaning, I can turn this lovely dress into a perfect gift for her baby! It will nicely fit a 3-6 months old babygirl. Yayy. Furthermore was I also managed to sew a cute Batik Baby boy button up shirt for her sister's upcoming baby and two reversible Batik fabric gift pouches too..lala..

Right. Back to the dress.

What happened after that, was thanking God that I cut my fabric carefully when making this project so that I still have enough of this lovely fabric to make another dress for Leia. This time, it turned out perfect for her. Phew.

Now, enjoy some pictures.

Why I named it Bouquet Baby Dress is simply due to the fact that the fabric prints are so....bouquety -if only there's such a word, lol-

The original dress finally fits Lillian (right). I do admire that her mom got her a matching lovely hair bow too! 
Oh and there's Ethan here too (left). The lucky guy for whom I made the first ever shirt for :) Nooope, it's not the shirt he's wearing here, if you ask. More about that later:)

And here's a recent photo of Leia with the dress. 

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