Monday, October 21, 2013

A Little Pouch Parade

Who says that I only make baby stuffs?


I do say.

Honestly, I often have to remind myself that there are TONS of awesome projects to try out there other than those related to babies and children. I must expand my knowledge and step out of my "comfort zone"! ( So...resigning from office work doesn't prevent me from using this very term).

To start doing this, I joined the Indonesian Crafters booth at GoGirl! Passion Expo in Jakarta last 4th of October and pushed myself to produce some stuffs for young girls. I had two weeks to pile up my stock of products, while I had NONE to begin with...

So I chose to make some pouches. They are relatively quick and easy projects for a beginner like me. Plus, pouches are cute and useful for everyone.

This triangular coin purse is a fun project for a beginner

My version of quilted boxie pouch. Errrr......needs some practice, I know

Originally made for my husband's Sony Experia Tablet, it's one of his favorites so far.

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