Monday, October 28, 2013

Fabric Flower: Tutorial Cara Membuat Bunga Kain

Today I'm gonna post in Bahasa Indonesia (for English Tutorial, please be patient. OR, you can just check out the pics. They're pretty much self explanatory, trust me).

Bunga dari kain ini sering kita temui sebagai hiasan di baju, korsase, tas, bros, asesoris rambut dan sebagainya. Hari ini saya kebetulan menggunakan bunga ini sebagai pemanis (macam gula yey) di salah satu pesanan customer yang notabene teman sendiri sih.... Pesanannya adalah baju bayi model tiered dress yang pernah saya shared di postingan sebelumnya. Entah kenapa, hati ini kepingin bikin bunga yang lebih 'cucok' sedikit dari model yang sebelumnya saya tempelkan di dressnya Leia. Saya pun mencoba bikin beberapa model bunga dengan trial & error beberapa metode.

Akhirnya saya baru sreg dengan metode yang ini untuk mendapatkan hasil bunga kain yang 'penuh' dan fluffy sehingga cantiknya maksimal. Yuk saya share, bikinnya cukup gampang kalo ngga mau dibilang gampang banget ;)

Pertama, bikin strip dari kain selebar sekitar 5cm. Boleh kok lebih besar atau kecil, sesuai kebutuhan aja. Ini saya ngga bikin gede2 karena cuma untuk hiasan baju bayi 9 bulan.

Kemudian, lipat strip kain tadi. Lipat lagi sampai jadi 4 tumpuk. Lalu letakkan cetakan lingkaran di atasnya. Boleh pakai apa saja. Disini kebetulan saya pakai tutup botol bekas sambel terkenal khas Surabaya ;) hihi

Jiplak lingkaran tadi pakai kapur jahit atau pensil. Lalu gunting sesuai pola. Sekarang kita punya sekitar 16 buah lingkaran kain berdiameter 5cm.

Siapkan jarum dan benang jahit. Ambil satu buah lingkaran kain dan letakkan di meja sebagai dasar bunga.

Dari sini yuk sambil lihat gambar dan keterangannya.

Step 1. Ambil sebuah lingkaran dan lipat dua.
Step 2. Lipat dua sekali lagi. Jadi satu kelopak.
Step 3. Letakkan kelopak di atas dasar lingkaran kain tadi. Jahit pangkalnya.
Step 4. Ulangi stepnya sampai seluruh dasar tertutup kelopak.
Step 5. Lanjutkan ke tumpukan kedua. Bisa juga pakai warna kain lainnya untuk variasi. Teruskan hingga kelopak penuh.
Step 6. Setelah penuh, ikat mati jahitan di bagian belakang dasar bunga.

You're done! Now make a few more and enjoy..... :)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

It's Halloween Time!

The first halloween since I've been sewing. What is best in having an auntie who likes to sew? Ask my niece Kyra and her answer will be : Having her own custom-made Halloween Costume!

Oh well, she might not directly say that, but at least her mom would. Lol.

Last year my 2 years old niece dressed as a Pink Fairy to her school. Guess what? Almost EVERY girl at the school dressed up as fairies or princess, thanks to the widely available tutu skirts and crowns and cheap party wings for little girls. Plus, which mother doesn't want her daughter to be dressed in tutu and crowns and wings, right??

But this year Kyra's halloween is going to be a little special. 

Mommy and auntie (that's me, by the way) are preparing something different that none of the girls at school will wear to the party.

So the good and beautiful auntie (that's me) browsed through the entire sewing tale world and decided to dress Kyra as the Little Red Riding Hood....

We found this magical tutorial by Ashley from Make It Love It.

There are tons of versions, but auntie likes this Red Riding Hood version the best! 

The details, frills and flairs won. Little Kyra, err.....Little Red will still be having skirt as flouncy as a princess and wings.....well, hood and cape in this case, as red as a queen but without having to worry that someone at school might steal her look. Thank you so much for the inspiring tutorial, Ashley!

After some days of work and magic...


No pic of Kyra wearing it yet, but I will upload it later after Halloween! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

A Little Pouch Parade

Who says that I only make baby stuffs?


I do say.

Honestly, I often have to remind myself that there are TONS of awesome projects to try out there other than those related to babies and children. I must expand my knowledge and step out of my "comfort zone"! ( So...resigning from office work doesn't prevent me from using this very term).

To start doing this, I joined the Indonesian Crafters booth at GoGirl! Passion Expo in Jakarta last 4th of October and pushed myself to produce some stuffs for young girls. I had two weeks to pile up my stock of products, while I had NONE to begin with...

So I chose to make some pouches. They are relatively quick and easy projects for a beginner like me. Plus, pouches are cute and useful for everyone.

This triangular coin purse is a fun project for a beginner

My version of quilted boxie pouch. Errrr......needs some practice, I know

Originally made for my husband's Sony Experia Tablet, it's one of his favorites so far.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bouquet Baby Dress

Do you mind me posting on another Baby Dress? lol.


That's what I thought.

Babies are too cute, so I assume there's an unrestricted permission to make loads and loads and loads of baby stuff without having to worry about getting people bored :)

Ok, so I intend to share with you one of my early sewing projects. I fell in love with this cyan-colored rose bouquet printed cotton fabric from the very start, I just knew exactly what I wanted to make with it. What I did was to go ahead and laying down a piece of clothing from Leia's 18 months wardrobe (she was just 7months old, so there was suppose to be plenty of room for growth) and tracing it using a tailor's chalk to create my own pattern. I kept on telling myself that this instant method would work just fine. I thought I did ok with my first batik baby dress project, so this time I would definitely nail it.

Did I succeed? Heck yeah. The dress came out nicely, using the zipper technique I just learned and I must say I've done a pretty neat job with it. Then I try it on Leia.

Darn thing is, I forgot to include enough seam allowance when cutting the fabric. So the supposedly-slightly-larger-than-actual-size turned out to be too small for Leia. She could pull it off, sure, but not without having her armpits squeezed while moving around. And the skirt was too short I can see a full diaper right away.

Soooo I was having a slight heartbreak.....until I chatted with my cousin Rissa and found out that her dad is in Jakarta and would have a trip back to US soon. Meaning, I can turn this lovely dress into a perfect gift for her baby! It will nicely fit a 3-6 months old babygirl. Yayy. Furthermore was I also managed to sew a cute Batik Baby boy button up shirt for her sister's upcoming baby and two reversible Batik fabric gift pouches too..lala..

Right. Back to the dress.

What happened after that, was thanking God that I cut my fabric carefully when making this project so that I still have enough of this lovely fabric to make another dress for Leia. This time, it turned out perfect for her. Phew.

Now, enjoy some pictures.

Why I named it Bouquet Baby Dress is simply due to the fact that the fabric prints are so....bouquety -if only there's such a word, lol-

The original dress finally fits Lillian (right). I do admire that her mom got her a matching lovely hair bow too! 
Oh and there's Ethan here too (left). The lucky guy for whom I made the first ever shirt for :) Nooope, it's not the shirt he's wearing here, if you ask. More about that later:)

And here's a recent photo of Leia with the dress.