Monday, September 16, 2013

Ruffled Baby Shoes

Recently I have plenty enough time to sew, I admit, thanks to Leia's having her babysitter back to our home.

While looking at scraps from my previous sewing project Tiered Baby Dress, I have the urge to do something about the medium chunk of leftover fabric that I definitely cannot use for more dresses. So, since I've been saving some baby shoes pattern from earlier and itching to try my luck with sewing shoes, I went for  a pair of matching shoes for the tiered dress.

I imagined that doing a tiny bit of ruffles for the shoes won't hurt me, after the previous nights of gathering and sewing three layers of fabric for the tiered dress.

Since the top fabric is rather delicate, I use felt for interfacing to stabilize it. For the inner soles, I use soft batting to pad them.

Now for the outer soles, I don't have any rubbery material with me, so I just had to squeeze some creative juices out of my brain.

Tadaaaa.. I came up with this idea to dot thick cotton fabric with clear glue (UHU glue--if you're Indonesian then you know this brand). It didn't work well. Blimey. The glue was too sticky and messy I couldn't arrange perfect dots on the fabric.

Then I try applique glue. It dots perfectly on the fabric surface without mess. So will it dry nicely? I decided to leave it overnight and went to sleep. Haha.

The next morning, I went back to check my dotted fabric. The dots dried up nicely, just like those soles of store-bought retail baby shoes.

* I danced my-gettin'-jiggy-wit-it and continue my work *

Ok, I need to admit that I kind of eyeballed the pattern size for Leia. I just cut the fabric pieces as big as possible, leaving me enough to adjust them along the way. So when it's time to try on the shoes, they were way too big.

I had to unpick and cut down the size twice for the shoes to finally fit in. It did no good to unpick fabric pieces too much, especially since they are small pieces. But oh well... I made it my note for the next project to really measure the pattern beforehand. I also made some mental notes to use stiffer interfacing for shoes, especially since the fabric is delicate.

Here it is! My first ever baby shoes sewing project.

They do look a bit like shoes, no?

Please say yes.

Leia doesn't seem too fond of the shoes, as she kicked them each time I tried to put them on her.
This is the best pic I can get of her putting on the shoes :(

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