Sunday, September 15, 2013

DIY Paper Gift Bag Tutorial

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This is just one of my old time favorite craft activities. Wrapping gifts has been so so so much fun and easy with this pretty gift bag. If you ever wonder how to make it yourself, here's how.

What you need:
- Wrapping paper/ scrapbooking paper.. Any paper really ;)
- Double tape
- A pair of Scissor (and a pinking shears, but it's optional)
- Ribbon or decoration of your choice (here I use polypropylene ribbon)

Now let's do it.

First, cut up your paper to your preferred measurement.

With wrong side up, fold the edge of your paper's right side just a little along the width. One edge is enough. Make sure it fits the size of your double tape.

Then place your double tape along that small folding.

Now, stick the other edge's wrong side to the taped folding.

Press your paper neatly. You don't want any wonky surface.

Now that you have a neat rectangle, fold up the bottom. The size of your folded bottom here determines the capacity and size of your bag. If you need to accommodate bigger goodie to be stuffed inside your bag, then make a bigger fold. Mine here is around 2 inches. 

Then, open the bottom fold and press the sides like this below.

After that, fold the bottom flap just a little bit above the middle. Do the same thing with the opposite flap. Place a piece of double tape inside the overlapping part of the flaps, and press together.

Now you got your paper bag bottom. Fold both sides of your paper bag neatly to create a guideline. You will use this guideline to press the sides of your bag.

Open and straighten your bag. You're almost there. Just a simple finishing touch to make the sides look even.

 Carefully push and press sides of your bag inwards so they will create a neat look. See below pictures.

Got it? Good.

At this point your bag is pretty much done. I simply grab my pinking shears and create a zigzag trim to the top flap, but this part is yours to be creative about. Attach handles, create ribbon look, bunny ears, whatever you think is cute.

 Now as a bonus, here I have a tutorial of two styles of ribbon to decorate your paper bag. Let the pictures do the talking, shall we?

Ribbon Style 1

Ribbon Style 2

After you have your decoration attached, don't forget to place one piece of double tape on the wrong side of the top flap and another piece on the bottom layer of the flap to close secure your bag after you stuff in your goodie.

There, it's done and looking all pwetty! 

Addictive, yes? 
The good news is you always have an excuse to make a bunch of these for any upcoming occasion. 

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