Saturday, July 20, 2013

Batik Baby Dress

This is my very first finished sewing project. I don't say it is my first project since I was already working on a ruffled dress for myself for about MONTHS but having the lack of gut to finish it, lol. So instead, I was tempted to use a pretty batik fabric to copy an existing dress from my babygirl Leia's wardrobe, made up a pattern and without realizing the fact that I didn't have a proper sewing machine (only had a mini Kris sewing machine) and I was a complete novice with beginner's skills (I didn't even manage to sew straight!) on one sunny day I managed to complete this little dress. There was, of course some mistakes along the way, but yayyy I was thrilled to see Leia wearing my handmade dress! My mom and in-laws had to hide their grins upon seeing the final touches though..oh well. But I mean, look at my baby's smile with the dress!

So this is the mini sewing machine I was talking about. Pink, cute, but not much helpful.

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