Thursday, July 25, 2013

Zippers, anyone?

I've been reading a lot of tutorials and blogs to find out that one of the biggest fears people have towards sewing is to sew on zippers. Ahem. Honestly, my sewing teacher didn't teach me exactly how to sew on a zipper. So I GOOGLED it (hail mbah google!) and found tons of zipper tutorials. Some are so very clear and seemed so easy I decided that it won't be hard to master the zipper! Lol. So here's my first take on zippy pouch.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Padfone sleeve

Remembering my husband's effort on buying and bringing my SINGER 2259 all the way from Singapore to Jakarta, I declared that I will make him anything he could possibly ask using my new and shiny sewing machine.

So he said he needed something for his new gadget. Yes, sir. So I went to fabric stores in Mayestik to find something I can use for his taste. There was a printed denim fabric that he likes. I frowned. My sewing teacher never taught me to sew with denims. But the order had placed and a promise is a promise...

It turned out quite well I made two sleeves with different sizes for his collection of fave gadgets.

My early birthday present! SINGER 2259 Tradition Sewing Machine

So, after seeing me sewing day and night while listening to me grunting endlessly about the need to have a real sewing machine, my husband decided to buy me one! Yyyaaayy *an early birthday present, he reminded me though*
My first is a SINGER 2259 Tradition Sewing Machine. It has 20 stitches (including most important stitches such as zigzag and semi-serge), free arm sewing and a 4-step buttonhole feature. Good enough for a beginner like me. I specifically asked my lovely husband to look for something that is durable and affordable. And I love it so far, even though I set my eyes first for Janome The Sewist, but oh well..this one will do too. I told you I'm a quite simple person.

So all I need now is to buy additional foots for a complete collection of stitches.
I've got these useful tools in a built-in compartment too. Love it.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Batik Baby Dress

This is my very first finished sewing project. I don't say it is my first project since I was already working on a ruffled dress for myself for about MONTHS but having the lack of gut to finish it, lol. So instead, I was tempted to use a pretty batik fabric to copy an existing dress from my babygirl Leia's wardrobe, made up a pattern and without realizing the fact that I didn't have a proper sewing machine (only had a mini Kris sewing machine) and I was a complete novice with beginner's skills (I didn't even manage to sew straight!) on one sunny day I managed to complete this little dress. There was, of course some mistakes along the way, but yayyy I was thrilled to see Leia wearing my handmade dress! My mom and in-laws had to hide their grins upon seeing the final touches though..oh well. But I mean, look at my baby's smile with the dress!

So this is the mini sewing machine I was talking about. Pink, cute, but not much helpful.


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